Identity Flags


This is the final result of a project with my year 7 Art Club. I asked each of the students to design their own flag, including their hobbies and interests etc., and then I made them out of fabric before sewing them all together. As you can see, Art Club brings together many different students and I think this is reflected in the motto “not only the outside matters” which was chosen by one of the students.

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Light Graffiti

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These light graffiti photos were made using a digital camera, an iPhone torch, and a small flashlight. To capture the trails of light I needed a longer exposure, so I changed the shutter speed on the camera to 2 minutes for each one.

These were quick experiments but you could try using lots of different coloured lights and types of torches to create your own light graffiti. My top tips are to ensure the place you’re working in is quite dark (this creates more contrast for the light painting to stand out) and to use the Bulb mode on your camera to ensure you are on the slowest shutter speed possible. This will allow you more time to get creative with your designs!

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Down at Durlston


I spent the weekend by the seaside in Swanage and was lucky enough to catch some sun! These are some photos I took during a coastal walk at the nearby Durlston Country Park. I used a Canon point-and-shoot camera and adjusted the photos slightly on Photoshop to enhance the colour, using an orange filter to emphasise the beautiful sunny day.

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Pencil Portrait


I’ve always enjoyed drawing portraits, even though they can be fairly time consuming depending on the style you’re going for. I set myself the challenge of completing a portrait over the holidays. As you can see I’ve spent time building up the tone using a range of pencils. Also I used different marks to render textures such as stippling (dots) for his stubbly beard and faint scribbling to enhance the skin-like appearance. This is a traditional take on a portrait and in a lot of ways reflects my own personal drawing style, however if your style is more expressive then maybe your portraits would have more messy and bolder lines. There is no right way to draw a portrait. Practice, experiment, and find out what works best for you!

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